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Being Human

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BEING HUMAN is an exploration on of the very nature of humanity—its complexity, its contradictions, its various changing states—and what it means to be human. Developed over the course of 2016, it is about tuning in to the honest presence of each individual and the strong and often sad emotions that make us feel deeply connected with the wholeness of humanity, despite our different and ever-changing identities.

Presented through a series of portraits, BEING HUMAN invites the viewer to dwell on the intricacies of identities, memories, emotional states, and the universal human truths.


Available as handmade art books in limited numbers

While it is logical that our identities are a reflection of our background and experiences, ever-changing and ever-evolving, it is also undeniable that there exists the universal that we all share. An essential archetype of humanity that enables us to feel connected with the world and each other not simply on a superficial and basic level. We share feelings of excitement, love, and gratitude, but also sadness, melancholy, pain, and loneliness. We are at once deeply connected with our emotions, feelings, and intangible ways with which we perceive the world, and yet also conscious of our changing beliefs, worldview, and state-of-being over time.


Portraits as a History of Identities

History is the stories of the past. It preserves the lineage and heritage of our culture. It explains why we are what we are today. On a micro level, the personal history of each individual is just as important to be documented and preserved. We, like the world we have constructed, are constantly shifting our identities, ideologies, worldview, and our state-of-being from one to another.

Photography is a unique medium that captures life one moment at a time with truthful depiction. Photography’s ability to solidify time makes itself the perfect visual medium for capturing our transient states of presence.


The Humanist Editorial


The Humanist Editorial

In a collaboration with Davine and Elisabeth, we explored the idea of taking elements found in fashion editorials to create something that feels more essential and compassionate. We wanted to take the beautiful and popular and use it to serve what we our culture really needs but lacking—the virtuous, empathetic, meaningful, and quiet.